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We make available to all guests, sun loungers and parasols made of local materials with a style that can be described as ethnic.Beach towels are provided free of charge by the lodge.

For swimming, at low tide, we recommend the use of rubber shoes to avoid injury with corals and shells. When the sea is high it becomes useless.
The beach and the bay of Anakao Ocean Lodge are subject to the phenomenon of tides. At high water level the water level still leaves a wide beach area without compromising relaxation on the beach. The lowering of the water level is more pronounced near the new and the full moon that come back every 14 days. The maximum tidal range is 3 meters, this is due to the Mozambique Channel.
The water levels recorded at Anakao during 2008 are for the dead water periods of high and low tide levels between 190 cm and 232 cm and for periods of bright water at full moon and new moon times low and high tide levels between 40 cm and 362 cm.Tidal predictions are fairly accurate and accessible in various specialized sites. Although not as easy to make a forecast of the winds and their intensity. Anakao is subject to the regime of day and night breezes with an overthrow around 11 am when the heat rises on the ground.
Thus, this whole region is known for all wind-related water sports such as windsurfing, surfing and kite-surfing, from 10 am in the morning, the start times of the day being ideal for diving and canoeing.



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